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Employment Tribunal cases increase

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The UK Ministry of Justice has indicated that Employment Tribunal cases in 2018 are 130% higher than in 2017. 

In England and Wales cases are up significantly with 10,996 claims made between April and June this year, compared to the 4,241 complaints received during the same period in 2017.

“Without the requirement to pay a fee to have a case heard, more employers are likely to face challenges against employment practices. The increase has implications for workloads inside businesses as well as within the courts system. Human resource departments, due to the increasing number of claims will need more administrative resources to prepare for tribunal hearings.

The UK Judicial Appointments Commission has launched a recruitment exercise to find 54 salaried employment judges in an effort to meet the demands for additional tribunals. 

Tribunal fees were abolished in July 2017 after the Supreme Court ruled them unlawful and unconstitutional. 

Posted on: 14-Sep-2018@13:14:18, updated on: 14-Sep-2018@13:14:18.