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The Institute of Management Services will be holding elections to its Council of Management in 2019. 

Institute Corporate members are invited to submit nominations for the four Council positions that elections will be for. A link exists on the Institute home page to nomination details and a nomination form. The nomination forms can also be seen at CLICK

Closing date for nominations is 27th April 2019

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Continuing Professional Development

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Life Skills are critical for our success, whether at work, or in life. How we  communicate, build relationships, and resolve conflict and complex problems –amongst many other skills – are absolutely essential. 

Often young people are unaware of how important Life Skills are for being successful at whatever they do: an outstanding qualification, and technical skills, are necessary but not sufficient, for a good career.

More and more, employees in businesses and workplaces are required to collaborate with colleagues in new and innovative ways that increase productivity and reach clear business objectives, which is were Life Skills become increasingly important.

Technical skills can help the individual achieve the academic skill they need but require constant refining in order to remain current and relevant for future employment. This is why Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is so important. It not only updates the persons technical skills but also develops Life Skills to go forward and be successful in their chosen career.

The Institute of Management Services offers a structured CPD programme to ensure both technical and Life Skills are updated. 

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