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Working From Home

Author: Karen Mangia

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (2020)

ISBN- 13: 1119758921

Pages: 176

We knew virtual workplaces were coming in the future, but we did not think they would come so soon but sadly Covid-19 has effectively imposed home working on vast numbers of UK residents.  

This book is a useful guide written to assist those new to home working. Many of us new to home working have come to recognise the value of virtual meetings.  Karen in her book has shared with the reader numerous techniques to help in practical areas such as how to create great video meetings, looking at the structure of these meetings, how to moderate them and ensure that all participants have the opportunity to fully contribute to the meeting.  It is stressed that virtual meeting preparation is essential.

The book covers all aspects of home working and its implications such as how it will impact on our careers. It poses such questions as will our employers remember we exist and who we are.  How can we get noticed from a distance? What does it mean to lead and inspire a team that never meets face-to-face? These are pressing questions and are covered in the book.

Offices are carefully planned work environments that emphasize and focus on productivity. When we shift to remote roles, not only do we lose the benefit of meeting in person, but we also lose that emphasis and find ourselves isolated in spaces that might invite us to distraction. The first step to successfully working from home is to create an environment where you will thrive professionally. This book provides readers with sound advice on how to set up a virtual office, claim that work-from-home space, and begin remotely connecting with colleagues on a regular schedule whilst also being productive.

With the current need for national governments to impose lockdowns and insist that as many people as possible work from home to combat Covid-19, home working has become the norm. In this concise book Karen Mangia puts together an easy-to-follow frameworks for getting much more out of our home working experience so making this book a trusted guide.

The reader will acquire key learnings skills about how to avoid pitfalls and how to maximize their efficiency and productivity whilst working from home. “Working from Home” is both an inspirational and motivating read.