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Virtual Meetings & Remote Work


Author:  Rohit Bhargava

Publisher: Ideapress Publishing (June 2020)

ISBN - 13: 978-1646870233 

Pages: 172

This book was written during the Covid-19 Pandemic and explores virtual meetings and how we can collaborate effectively with people we have never met in real life.  It includes contributions from over 50 top experts whilst exploring the five secrets of delivering a compelling virtual presentation.

Most guides to virtual work try to give the impression virtual is better than being face to face, but in most instances it is not. But in today’s business world the Covid-19 Pandemic has forced upon businesses the necessity to work remotely and to participate in virtual meetings.

There are many reasons you may need to work remotely or do virtual meetings, from taking parental leave to navigating a global health pandemic. In this book the author has compiled best advice from all industries that will enable you to be effective and productive.

Working from home has many distractions that can impede our efficiency, this book will assist the reader in being able to concentrate and stay on task even with these and the distractions and inevitable chaos that can exist at home. It is formatted in a clear, simple way with short readable chapters.

This book was written by the author Rohit Bhargava in record time to respond to the needs of the time and the need for home working and virtual meetings brought about by the Covid-19 Pandemic.  The author has clearly undertaken extensive research on the latest technologies and best practices for working virtually. In addition, he corralled the advice of top experts who have been conducting business virtually for decades. This is a most timely and useful book whether you need to deliver a presentation to a virtual audience or collaborate with a global team or are having to work from home this handy guide will help you be more productive.

This is a truly relevant book that will help the reader navigate and self-manage expectations during these difficult and unusual times.