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Shift: Transform Motion into Progress in Business


Author:   Richard Lees & Azlan Raj
Publisher:  John Wiley & Sons (Jan 2022)
ISBN- 10‏:‎ 1119810140
Pages:  304

Review by David Blanchflower

Organisations around the world do their best to deliver meaningful, effective, and efficient customer experiences, but many are encountering difficulty translating their actions into progress. These businesses find that, despite a plethora of initiatives, programs, and plans, inclusive and excellent customer service remains stubbornly out of reach.

In Shift: Transform Motion into Progress in Business, business leaders are provided with a practical and coherent approach to creating the consistently exceptional customer experience that would set their business apart from the competition.

The authors link three key themes—a clear vision with clear performance indicators, an aligned team, and a deep understanding of the marketplace—and outline their importance in the quest for the ideal client experience. They explain the importance of measuring progress through the eyes of the customer and ensuring that the measures that matter to customers are improving.

The book is written in a style that is applicable to both small and large businesses. Readers will find the book is written in a way that is very readable and easy to digest. The content will make the reader think differently and its content easy to apply as it contains many handy practical tips. It was just easy to get through and the most I have enjoyed reading a business book.

This book will appeal to marketers, business leaders and anyone who want to be inspired by new ideas as it integrates business concepts, marketing strategies and real-life stories into one compelling read.  

The authors in drafting this book seek to guide the reader so they are able to distinguish between motion and progress in order for them to know how to turn the motion they are generating into actual progress.

Obtain the book, read it and re-read it and you will gain a whole new perspective on how to deliver meaningful progress back to your business,