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Diversity Intelligence: How to Create a Culture of Inclusion for your Business

Author: Heidi R. Anderson

Publisher:  John Wiley & Sons (August 2021)

ISBN- 10‏:‎ 1119798884

Pages:  256

Companies from around the world are doing their best to achieve greater levels of diversity in senior leadership positions. However, their efforts are frequently unsuccessful, meeting widespread cultural resistance and pushback. Only a few firms create lasting change in the makeup of their boards and executive leadership. This book aims to explain what sets these successful firms apart from their less successful counterparts.

Diversity Intelligence provides readers with a roadmap to achieving impactful change in the areas of diversity and inclusion. Offering a step-by-step guide to creating a culture of inclusion, author Heidi R. Andersen explores the why, what, and how of successful diversity initiatives.

The reader will learn about the overwhelming business case for creating a more diverse and inclusive environment at their company and how those who fail to do so suffer consequences to profitability. You will also discover the steps to take, and the ones to avoid, in order to emulate the most successful changemakers around the world.

For a company to be competitive everyone who works for that company must make their best contribution. This book will assist the reader to recognise the importance of inclusion and diversity in recruiting and retaining the skills and talents that will enable the company to prosper.

The book explores the theme that diversity without inclusion will not help the company as people need to feel that the company environment is inclusive with colleagues feeling valued and respected.  The book is full of practical examples and guidance that will enhance the readers knowledge on diversity and inclusion.

Diversity Intelligence is a must-read resource for company owners, and senior employees and anyone who wishes to make a difference in one of the most important and fraught areas of people management.