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Virtual Training

Author:  Jeb Blount

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (June 2021)

ISBN- 10‏: ‎ 1119755832

Pages: 272

For the past 300 years we have had virtual training in various formats, then in 2020 we had the global pandemic in the form of Covid and everything changed. Social distancing and home working became the norm.

The global pandemic accelerated the broad adoption of virtual instructor led training along with awareness that classroom-based training is often expensive, inefficient, and fails to deliver a fair return on investment. While it is certainly more challenging to re-create the collaborative environment of the physical classroom in a virtual setting, virtual training combines the structure, accountability, and social learning benefits of classroom training with speed, agility, and significant cost savings.

This is exactly what this book is about. Virtual Training is the definitive guide to delivering virtual training that engages learners and makes new skills and behavioural changes stick. Jeb Blount, a celebrated trainer and author in his book walks you step-by-step through the seven elements of effective, engaging virtual learning experiences.

The book has a companion website with virtual training resources and as part of the book purchase the reader is given free access to the website with an access code contained within the book.

The book whilst acknowledging that for many people face to face tuition provides the best overall experience. It equally points out that classroom-based training is expensive hence the need for many trainers to move to providing virtual training. It is emphasised that virtual instructor led training blends the social learning benefits of classroom-based training with the speed, agility and cost effectiveness of e-learning without the expenses associated with the physical classroom.

This is a super-helpful guide for anyone that conducts virtual training, conferences, or online meetings. The book is written in a practical easy to read style and as such will be an essential guide for all trainers and lecturers.