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Understanding Business Accounting for Dummies

Author:  Colin Barrow and John A Tracy

Publisher:  John Wiley & Sons; 4th UK Edition (Jan. 2018)

ISBN: 10: 1119413532

Pages:  432

The book now in its 4th edition is an essential read for small business owners or anyone with budget responsibilities. The book is written in a style that simplifies all aspects UK business accounting. Having an understanding of your company s finances is crucial if your company is to be operated in an efficient and productive manner. 

The book has eighteen comprehensive chapters each covering an aspect of accounting. Each chapter is written in such a way that it stands alone making it easy to pick specific chapters to read as required. The book explains in simple language the many complex aspects of accounting. 
The first chapter of the book is an introduction to accounting and is written in a style that non-accountants can easily understand. 
Accounting is a speciality that is full of complex jargon and technical terms and in order to assist the reader the Appendix clearly defines many of these terms in a way that will enhance the reader’s knowledge. 

The concept of accountancy is a mystery to many people but this book seeks to inform the uniformed and will certainly enhance the readers understanding of the basics of business accounting.  It covers everything from evaluating profit margins, setting budgets to writing financial reports in a straight forward and concise manner. 

Productivity professionals will certainly acquire knowledge from reading this book that will serve them well in improving the efficiency of the organisation.