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The Leadership Challenge (6th Edition)

book cover

Author:  James M Kouzes, Barry Z Posner

Publisher:  Wiley (2017)

ISBN: 10 1119278961

Pages:  378

This book was first published in 1987 and in its now 6th edition it has been revised to address current leadership challenges meaning the book remains the must read for anyone wishing to become an exemplary leader in 2017 and beyond.

The book starts by exploring the basic concept of “The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership” which are the identifiable behaviours and actions that result in making extraordinary things happen in an organisation. The five practices are the roadmap for developing leadership skills that will help an organisation achieve success in today’s competitive world.

The topic of leadership is explored in the thirteen chapters of the book all laid out in a very readable format with appropriate illustrations that showcase recent research and leadership thinking that covers the topic with rigor. This is a book that will give you the knowledge and guidance to become an exemplary leader and to realise that leaders should communicate a shared vision that will awaken the desire in others to achieve something outstanding.

The authors have produced a very readable book that provides the reader with the strategies to become a very effective leader. The book is an evidence based resource designed to encourage inspirational leadership that will mobilise people around a common goal.

This is an outstanding book that has stood the passage of time by being continually updated so that it remains an outstanding work on leadership and as such is an essential read.