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The Collaborative Leader

book cover

Author:  Ian McDermott and L. Michael Hall
Publisher:   Crown House Publishing (2016)
ISBN-    978 178583009-9
Pages: 202

In writing this book the two authors have sought to produce a book that will serve as a practical guide to collaborating with others and how to lead collaboratively.  The authors have succeed in producing a work that guides the reader in how to use the various systems of collaboration to best effect.

There are many theories on collaboration but  readers of this book will have a practical guide on how to collaborate with others and in so doing gain the ability to work with others to achieve a shared vision.  True collaboration is people coming together, working together, sharing a vision and achieving what would have been impossible alone or apart.

The reader will learn that collaboration does not magically happen but requires the skills of understanding one’s self and others, collaborating with other people, accepting, tolerating, caring, showing compassion, inviting, engaging and communicating.

The reader will learn that the true skill of leadership is to steer others into working together by combining their intellectual and relational skills to achieve the declared objective.

This is a must read for those managers who strive to inspire others with a meaningful vision and desire to encourage a team spirit that delivers peak performance and productivity.