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Simple Thinking

Author:  Richard Gerver
Publisher:  Capstone (2016)
ISBN:  9780857086877
Pages: 182

This is a slim and very readable book subtitled, “How to remove complexity from life and work,” which seeks to help the reader un-clutter their mind and follow their instincts. The author Richard Gerver offers some excellent advice about going back to that sense of childhood curiosity and passion to explore and understand things from a basic concept. The reader is encouraged to see the world through the eyes of their younger, bolder self, and in so doing it will enable them to find simple solutions to problems.

As we grow older we lose the desire to explore things that interest us personally, we are more easily influenced by others and are concerned about what people will say or think. In that sense, this book really does help you realise that we tend to complicate our lives, when we should be aiming to make things simpler. The reader is encouraged not to dwell on the past but to focus on the future.

This is an interesting and well written book and this makes it easy to read. It is full of anecdotes and stories that help to illustrate points. This is a book about the simple things in life; it encourages the reader to follow their instincts, believe in themselves and to follow their goals with a new outlook on life.  It will encourage you to think simply and will help you fulfil your full potential and hence experience greater success in life.  The reader will take much away from this book and so I have no hesitation in recommending it.