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The Institute of Management Services has appointed Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas as its President. He is the sixth President of the Institute, previous presidents having been Lord Beeching, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, Sir Monty Finniston, The Lord Chilver of Cranfield and Viscount Thurso.
Colin is an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Management Services and is a regular contributor to the Institute’s Journal Management Services having written numerous articles on productivity and management topics.

Professor Coulson-Thomas is a visionary who has travelled the world taking professorial appointments at universities on nearly every continent, advising corporations and public bodies, and speaking at major corporate events and conferences – all in the name of improving the performance of organisations. He is a leading expert in competitiveness direction and leadership, human resources and organisational behaviour.

He has served on local, regional and national UK public sector boards, written more than 1000 articles and over 70 books and reports, and led more than 20 investigations to identify the critical success factors for key corporate activities and quicker, more affordable and less disruptive routes to high performance organisations. One of his international roles is that of Director-General, UK and Europe for the Institute of Directors, India. He is also honorary professor at Aston University.

He is an experienced chairman of award-winning companies and has a portfolio of professorial appointments across the world, advising corporate and public bodies on how to improve productivity and performance.

Colin has expressed his delight on being invited to accept the position of President of the Institute as he has really enjoyed his long association and membership of the Institute.  He sees the Institute’s role of expounding the role of productivity as being a key factor in making companies more efficient and in raising the living standards. He is particularly keen to expand the Institute’s sphere of influence into the African and Asian continents. He stated “There is much to be done nationally and internationally and I will do my best to promote the Institute and its work in my writing and speaking”.

The Institute Chairman Julian Cutler said “I am delighted that Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas has agreed to become the Institute’s President as he is a long standing member of the Institute and will make an excellent President and fulfil an ambassadorial role by projecting the image of Institute of Management Services to the world at large”.

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