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Once you have been registered as an Affiliate Member of the Institute, your career path as a productivity professional lies ahead of you.

You can upgrade your membership through examinations and experience and be entitled to have letters after your name: Associate (AMS), a Member (MMS or MMS Dip) or a Fellow (FMS) of this Institute.  (Lapsed members can re-join).

You can be reassured that people with these designatory letters are formally qualified to work effectively in the range of management services activities.  The stature of the Institute and our goals is recognised across every business and industry sector.

See our Membership Benefits for more details.

Institute Members

Members of the Institute work in many different sectors, industries and areas investigating, advising on, and implementing solutions to organisational problems. They are particularly concerned with issues of resource allocation and utilisation, and with measuring and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of organisation, systems, processes, methods and procedures.  They are actively involved in designing and installing integrated systems of materials, equipment, people, information and energy to maximise effectiveness.

The particular management services skills of measurement and quantification, of analysis and critical review, of planning and implementation make our members natural change agents, ideally suited to leading programmes of organisational, technological and cultural change.