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Winter 2014 Journal cover

Winter 2014

Download the entire Winter 2014 journal including:

  • Chairman's column
  • Institute and Regional News
  • Productivity News
  • Creating culture change
  • Transforming public services
  • Work reconsidered
  • Measuring productivity
  • Creating the service design interface
  • Management education
Autumn 2014 Journal cover

Autumn 2014

Download the entire Autumn 2014 journal including:

  • Chairman's column
  • Institute and Regional News
  • Productivity News
  • Leadership issues and challenges
  • Work reconsidered
  • Outsourcing: A strategic risk?
  • Avoiding discrimination in recruitment
  • What does industrial engineering embrace?
  • Building productive relationships
  • How to implement change effectively
  • Annual report and accounts
Summer 2014 Journal cover

Summer 2014

Download the entire Summer 2014 journal including:

  • Chairman's column
  • Institute and Regional News
  • Productivity News
  • Parental Leave laws
  • Digital collaboration: Delivering innovation, productivity and happiness
  • How fitness improves your work productivity
  • What money can’t buy
  • Risks and quality: An Australian case
  • Book reviews
  • Performance Rating: How refined is your judgement?
  • A project management perspective of information system development
  • The impact of stress in the workplace
  • Why do projects fail?
  • Culture change through facilitative leadership
Spring 2014 Journal cover

Spring 2014

Download the entire Spring 2014 journal including:

  • Chairman's column
  • Regional and Institute news
  • Productivity news
  • Stress at work
  • DMAIC: A methodology for Lean Six Sigma business transformation
  • Reducing the need for projects through continuous improvement
  • Supply chain and logistics: An Australian perspective
  • Middle managers should display power to get ahead – and be liked
  • Student of the Year 2013
  • A project management perspective of information system development
  • Digital collaboration: Delivering innovation, productivity and happiness
  • Book reviews
  • Changing behaviours without changing corporate cultures
Winter 2013 Journal cover

Winter 2013

Download the entire Winter 2013 journal including:

  • Chairman's column
  • Institute and Regional News
  • Productivity News
  • UK manufacturing continues to grow
  • Increasing productivity by improving staff health and wellbeing
  • Productivity and the role of industrial engineering techniques
  • Emerging technologies
  • Hello Hello Africa
  • How to be a leader with edge
  • Change mastery: Lean Six Sigma and business transformation
  • Summer changes to employment law and tribunal rules
  • Best practices in talent management to support Lean manufacturing
  • Office workers don’t want to ‘think outside the box’ when it comes to business jargon
  • Knowledge management and the high performance organisation
Autumn 2013 Journal cover

Autumn 2013

Download the entire Autumn 2013 journal including:

  • Chairman's column
  • Institute and Regional News
  • Productivity News
  • Book reviews
  • Demystifying ‘Lean Culture Change’ and continuous improvement
  • How to spot a destructive leader
  • To business excellence and beyond
  • The pitfalls of performance measurement
  • Intuitive intelligence in leadership
  • Improving the productivity of education – Beyond time management
  • Measuring public sector productivity
  • Spreadsheets under the spotlight
  • Annual report and accounts
Summer 2013 Journal cover

Summer 2013

Download the entire Summer 2013 journal including:

  • Chairman's column
  • Institute and Regional News
  • Productivity News
  • Managing change and building a positive risk culture
  • Boosting the productivity of knowledge workers
  • Lifestyle and working habits worldwide
  • European airline productivity
  • Leadership and engagement for improvement in the NHS
  • An ethical perspective of stakeholder salience
  • United we stand
  • Book reviews
  • Situationally speaking
Spring 2013 Journal cover

Spring 2013

Download the entire Spring 2013 journal including:

  • Chairman's column
  • Institute and Regional News
  • Productivity News
  • Competitive productivity
  • One, two, three, four? How many women are on your board?
  • Quality leadership for sustainability
  • Book reviews
  • The secret to life balance and happiness
  • Who’s who in the IMS
  • Student awards
  • But I don’t know how to wander?
  • An ethical perspective of stakeholder salience
  • Administration: Bedrock for organisational success
  • Plan Do Stabilise Repeat
Winter 2012 Journal cover

Winter 2012

Download the entire Winter 2012 journal including:

  • Institute news 
  • Applying lean manufacturing in a developing economy
  • Celebrating a legacy 
  • The hidden cost of sick leave 
  • Book reviews
  • Who’s who in the IMS 
  • Improving productivity with clean language
  • Food for thought?
  • Selling yourself magically
  • The folly of stretch goals
  • Understanding and reducing leadership waste
  • Facing the challenge
  • Auditing strategic business management
Autumn 2012 Journal cover

Autumn 2012

Download the entire Autumn 2012 journal including:

  • Institute and Regional News
  • Harry Downes tribute
  • Book reviews
  • Implementing the right growth strategy
  • Mobile technology for increased productivity & profitability
  • Appraisal – a personal viewpoint
  • New leadership and environment management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Productivity take-off in aerospace industry
  • Better decision making in difficult economic times
  • Productivity news
  • Chairman’s and Trustees’ reports and statement of accounts 2011-12
Summer 2012 Journal cover

Summer 2012

Download the entire Summer 2012 journal including:

  • Institute and Regional News
  • Productivity News
  • Back to Basics
  • Actionable CSR
  • Change Management
  • Who’s who at the IMS
  • Sustaining Performance in Managed Services
  • Notice of AGM
  • Raising the Standard
  • Change for Health
  • Achieving Strategic Fit
  • Have you got an e-learning strategy yet?
Spring 2012 Journal cover

Spring 2012

Download the entire Spring 2012 journal including:

  • Institute and Regional News
  • Who's who in the IMS
  • Information 5S
  • Human Capital management
  • Managing the supply chain contribution
  • Sustaining lean
  • ROI in executive coaching
  • Scott-Grant Training Student of the Year
  • Economic benchmarking
  • Talent management
  • Unfair dismissal
  • Find and focus - lean in practice
Winter 2011 Journal cover

Winter 2011

Download the entire Winter 2011 journal including:

  • Institute and Regional News
  • In the footsteps of The King's Speech
  • Energy assessment
  • Age concerns
  • Lean and the HMRC
  • Improving healthcare quality and service
  • How LSS increases forensic DNA efficiency
  • Measuring well-being in society
  • Leadership lessons in lean construction
  • Is lean a waning fad?
  • LSS saving lives in warzones
  • SMART objectives
  • Executive coaching
  • Profile of a new Chairman
Autumn 2011 Journal cover

Autumn 2011

Download the entire Autumn 2011 journal including:

  • Institute and Regional News
  • Assessing and Improving Performance
  • Congress Report
  • Well-being at Work
  • Environmental Challenges
  • Trustees Report and Financial Statements 2010/11
  • SMART Objectives
  • Dr John Chamberlin explains
  • Developing Lean Transnationally and Cross-culturally
  • In Quest of Value for Productivity
  • Strategic Performance Management
  • Presenting to Win
  • NW Region News and Adam Smith Lecture
Summer 2011 Journal cover

Summer 2011

Download the entire Summer 2011 journal including:

  • Institute and Regional News
  • A Man for all Ages
  • Making History
  • Congress Report
  • Measuring performance
  • National incentives for Productivity Improvement
  • A new strategy for Energy
  • Vocational Education in the 20th and 21st Centuries
  • The Only Way is Up
  • Mastering Change
Spring 2011 Journal cover

Spring 2011

Download the entire Spring 2011 journal including:

  • Institute and Regional News
    Including the Chairman’s report, and student graduation news.
  • 16th World Productivity Congress
    A report on the speakers and proceedings from day one from Andrew Muir
  • People Driven Productivity
    Lean for small businesses by Professor Hendrik Van Landeghem and Joris April of Ghent University, Belgium
  • Office Skills
    Lean and continuous improvement in the office by Mike Keen and Carl Evans
  • Change Mastery
    The persuasion paradigm by Philip Atkinson, who highlights the need for professionals to complement their technical skills with soft skills
  • Time for Change
    Part II of Dr John Chamberlin’s paper which analyses business process re-engineering
  • Graduate News
    Graduates celebrate the award of their IMS certificates
  • IMS Elections 2011
    Nomination forms
  • Is Quality still Relevant?
    Colin Coulson-Thomas reports on the 21st annual World Congress on Total Quality and asks is quality still relevant
  • Opportunity of a Lifetime
    Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowships, a unique opportunity to travel and work abroad on a personal project
Management Services Winter 2010

Winter 2010

Download the entire Winter 2010 journal including:

  • Workspace design
    Designing your own workspace improves health, happiness and productivity
  • Tackling the Deficit
    IMS Council Member Harry Downes and Institute Treasurer John Lucey, meet the Rt Hon Danny Alexander MP
  • Time for Change
    Business process reengineering
  • Accentuate the Positive
    The positive side of our economy
  • Eastern Promise
    16th World Productivity Congress and European Productivity Conference 2010
  • Picture of Health
    Transforming healthcare and saving the planet
  • Robert Owen
    Andrew Muir provides an update
  • Maximise your Chance of Success
    Managing the supply chain through economic recovery
  • Under Pressure
    Moral judgement under pressure
  • Golden Oldies
    Evaluation of systems thinking in the care and support of older people
  • Reality Testing Strategies for Transforming Organisations
    Change management
Management Services Autumn 2010

Autumn 2010

Download the entire Autumn 2010 journal including:

  • It’s the Right Time for Time Standards
    More and more organisations are focusing on time standards
  • Impact Of Performance Measurement and Management Systems
    The diverse effects and impacts of implementing new performance management systems
  • Lean in the Supply Chain: Friend Or Foe?
    The positives and the negatives, by Mike Keen and Carl Evans
  • IMS Trustees Report and Financial Statements 2009
  • Is Higher Productivity Possible in the Caribbean?
    John Heap reports back from his keynote presentation at a recent conference in Barbados, where he addressed the question of higher productivity and issues of labour-management structural co-operation for profitability
  • Under Pressure
    Decision making in a competitive environment may challenge managers’ morality, say Dr John McManus and Lisa Scott
  • From Recession To Recovery: Tangible Transformation in Organisational Performance
    Rising to the challenge of organisational change, especially in the public and third sectors
Summer 2010

Summer 2010

Download the entire Summer 2010 journal including:

  • Institute News
  • AGM Notice 
  • An 1980 Lifestyle Reality or 2010 Political Ambition?
    Andrew Muir introduces a celebration of the life and achievements of Robert Owen
  • Rethinking Lean Service
    Part two by John Seddon and Brendan O’Donovan
  • SEE Productivity
    Dr George Smith explains why shared value is not a zero-sum game
  • Open Innovation
    John Heap explores how Intellectual Property can become a commodity which delivers results
  • Fewer Stops On The Start-Up Road
    David Walke takes a look at how countries around the world are adopting the idea of one-stop shops
  • Lean Is A Cultural Issue
    Philip Atkinson addresses the key issues that relate to culture change and ‘Lean manufacturing’
  • Impact Of Performance Measurement and Management Systems
    A study of the diverse effects and signifi cant impacts of implementing new performance measurement and management systems in an energy company
Spring 2010

Spring 2010

Download the entire Spring 2010 journal including:

  • Institute News
  • Productivity Quiz
  • Book Review
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Applying Six Sigma To Packaging Operations
  • Switch Off For Savings
  • Corporate Psychopaths ... and productivity
  • Reducing Your Footprint
  • Feeling The Chill
  • Rethinking Lean Service
  • Energy Efficiency in the seafood industry
Winter 2009

Winter 2009

Download the entire Winter 2009 journal including:

  • Institure News
  • Staff Suggestion Schemes
  • A Perspective On Service Delivery
  • Impact Of Performance Management Reviews
  • A Successful Leader Or Psychopathic Individual?
  • Process Mapping
  • Innovative Solutions For Business Performance
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Faults, Failures And Availability In self-service technology

Autumn 2009

Management Services Autumn 2009 CoverDownload the entire Autumn 2009 journal including:

  • Institute News
  • A Concept of a Lean Sustainability zone
  • Learning Organisations and Organisational Learning
  • Time Study
  • Book Review - The Search For Leadership
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Continuous Imporvement as a business strategy
  • Embrace the five lean principles

Summer 2009

Management Services Summer 2009 CoverDownload the entire Summer 2009 journal including:

  • Student of the year
  • Measuring and Improving Employee Engagement
  • The Service Economy
  • Can Energy Insulate From the Global Economic Slowdown?
  • Work Allowances and Work-Rest regimes
  • Learning Organisations and Organisational Learning
  • Death in the Work place

Spring 2009

Management Services Spring 2009 CoverDownload the entire Spring 2009 journal including:

  • Transacting a major change at pace
  • Understanding The Effects on Staff and Patients in the NHS
  • More Judgement than Luck
  • Leading and Managing Change
  • Strategy: Rethinking the Paradigm
  • The role of Shared Services

Winter 2008

Management Services Winter 2008 CoverDownload the entire Winter 2008 journal including:

  • Continuing Professional Development for IMS ‘students'
  • Why Is The Failure Rate For Organisation Change So High?
  • Understanding The Effects on Staff and Patients in the NHS
  • Facing The Future Together
  • The Riggs Lecture
  • The Ecological Footprint
  • Is Performance Personal Or In The System

Autumn 2008

Management Services Autumn 2008 CoverDownload the entire Autumn 2008 journal including:

  • Problems are Uncovered
  • The sustainability of Lean Transformation
  • The changing face of Manufacturing in the UK
  • The State of Lean Manufacturing in the UK - 2001-2006
  • Continuity Is The Key
  • This Means Me
  • Connecting Lean and Organisational Learning

Summer 2008

MS Journal Summer 2008Download the entire Summer 2008 journal including:

  • Think System
  • A Governance Perspective
  • Influencing Others
  • Diversity
  • Managing Change
  • Rethinking IT
  • Continuity Management
  • Leadership
  • 5S
  • Lean Manufacturing

Spring 2008

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