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Lead Beyond the Edge

Author:  Frederique Murphy

Publisher:  Practical Inspiration Publishing (2021)

ISBN- 10‏: ‎ 1788602145

Pages:  212

Frederique Murphy is a leadership mindset strategist who inspires and equips leaders to move through extraordinary change. As an international keynote speaker and award-winning consultant, with her Mountain Moving Mindset (M3) platform, she delivers inspiration and scientific strategies, instilling beliefs, attitudes and behaviours to drive transformations. With strong business acumen (17 years’ experience in corporate change), scientific expertise in positive psychology, neuroscience and behaviour change and strategic vision, she helps organisations reap the benefits of tapping into the power of their leaders’ minds achieve success and make change happen. 

In writing this book the author shows us a glimpse into her own life and thinking by sharing honestly her own vulnerability doubts and fears and how she has moved from fear, to growing outside her comfort zone and into the unknown by activating ‘circuits’ in her brain. She uses analogies well to explain the neuroscience of these circuits and offers multi-sensory exercises to help explain her thinking.

In reading this book you will appreciate how the author demystifies how to work with your brain as she guides you step by step through the process of positive change that will enable you to see the clear path that will support you in achieving your goals and dreams.

Currently brain research with all its buzzwords such as “neuroplasticity” are all the vogue but often a mystery to the average person. This book which is very readable will guide you through the process of using this new research for positive change and so improving your everyday lives.

In reading this book you will learn how to shape and transform your life. You will be provided with the tools and knowledge that you can apply to anything you want to be successful in achieving your goals.