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How to be Really Productive

Author:  Grace Marshall

Publisher:  Pearson (2015)

ISBN:  978 1 292 08383 4

Pages: 263

Grace Marshall is head coach and chief encourager at Grace-Marshall.com, author of 21 Ways to Manage the Stuff That Sucks up Your Time and a Productivity Ninja with Think Productive, one of the world's leading productivity training companies. Her book “How to be Really Productive” was a category winner in the 2017 Management Book of the Year Award by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and the British Library.

The author in this book sets out to change the way you think about productivity. Her concept of productivity is one were true productivity in a world where work never ends is not just about working harder, faster or longer but rather it’s about working smarter and doing your best and most productive work.

The book is not just about using established work measurement techniques. The author sets out to give the reader practical guidance and the key skills that will give them the freedom, space and mind set to be better organised and focused on managing their workload in order to achieve success in the tasks they undertake.

The author dispenses with the idea that productivity is mainly about organising time. This is a book about changing the way you think about your life, to understand your own priorities, motivations and boundaries. It sets out to explore what it means to be a busy person who also needs to be productive. The book contains many real-life stories and examples of how to put her ideas into practice in very day life.

This is not just a book about getting things done in an efficient and productive way it’s also about how you can live your life the best way.  It’s about living your life so that you find joy and happiness in successfully completing the tasks in your life.

This book is an excellent read full of interesting ideas and thought provoking concepts.