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Business Unusual

Author:  Nathalie Nahai

Publisher:  Kogan Page (September  2021)

ISBN- 10‏:‎ 1398602213

Pages:  236

The pandemic and the resultant economic downturn have created a situation that businesses feel uncertain and overwhelmed. Business leaders are faced with increasingly complex challenges which they must overcome if they are to reassure and connect with both employees and customers.

In her new book Nathalie Nahai revels the hidden psychology behind how we feel about businesses, their leaders and communication in the digital world. The reader will be guided and gain a knowledge of the new dynamics shaping online behaviour and the expectations driving employees and consumers.

In Business Unusual, the author successfully captures changing times as reflected in changing generations. She makes clear the old ways of doing things will no longer suffice and that new thinking and ideas must be a priority. Businesses face complex challenges, and this book explores the implications of those changes. It explains the benefits and drawbacks of virtual working and its adverse effects on reduced human contact between employees.

All business leaders face increasingly complex challenges, and this book offers vital and meaningful road map for how we might transcend old ways of doing business and take a more resilient, purposeful and values-driven path forward.

In reading this book you will find stories, case studies and frameworks from psychologists and business leaders. The quotes at the start of each chapter were very thought provoking. This book is an excellent guide for leaders wishing to address the challenges that the pandemic has trust onto businesses in recent years. The reader will learn how to apply psychological frameworks that will enhance the resilience of their business.