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Building the Fit Organization


Author:  Daniel Markovitz
Publisher: McGraw Hill (2016) 
ISBN:  978-1259587177
Pages: 193

Daniel Markovitz is a consultant who specialises in making companies faster, more flexible, and more productive through the application of lean principles. He is a faculty member at the Lean Enterprise Institute.

He introduces his book by explain that Lean, the Toyota Production System resulted in Toyota becoming one of the most successful companies  but few companies who have applied Lean to their organisation have actually achieved a Lean transformation or even maintained a commitment to continuous improvement. He explains that the reason for this fail are diverse and many.  He suggests that the main reason for not obtaining the maximum from the introduction of Lean is they actually try to copy Toyota.

In the book he explains how to learn from Toyota and in so doing they can convert their own flabby organisation into fit ones that are dynamic, constantly improving and customer focused.

This is a concise easy to read book that in its six chapters guides the reader through the process of personal and organisational improvement.

This is a book that will help the reader to think in different ways and realise there is always room for improvement.  The book is an excellent read for practitioners responsible for change and productivity improvement within their organisation.