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5 Gears: How to be Present and Productive

When There is Never Enough Time

Book Cover

By: EJeremie Kubicek , Steve Cockram
Publisher: Wiley (2015)
ASIN: 10: 1119111153
Pages: 240
Review by:  David Blanchflower

Many people go through life without truly connecting and can, as a result, miss out on experiences and relationships that have the power to bring them great joy. This is an interesting read which will assist the reader to connect more effectively and also be more productive. By understanding the concept of the five gears in this book you will improve your ability to connect with the world around you.

You will learn how to shift into the right gear at the right time so that you can grow in your relationships both at work and in your social life and by so doing increase your influence. This revolutionary text introduces you to the five different gears, or mind-sets, that carry you through various facets of your day. These include the First Gear when you are fully at rest and recharged through to the Fifth gear when you are fully focused and working without interruption.  Using these gears consistently allows you to bring a new level of relational intelligence to your life that offers a competitive advantage in our task–driven world.

I can recommend this book as being a very effective means of getting your work life balance right. 5 Gears provides an easily understood framework to understand the advantages of being in the right gear at the right time. It will greatly assist you in working effectively with others.