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Low productivity due to poor office environment

Image result for poor office environment graphicsNew research has revealed that 84% of UK office workers say their productivity is seriously stunted by being unable to control the temperature in their office.

The survey, conducted by RedstoneConnect, found that 47% of employees complain of being uncomfortably hot or cold every day. 25% of respondents said this is a distraction at least three days a week, and no one indicated that the temperature is perfect every day.

Mark Braund, CEO of RedstoneConnect, said: “We are witnessing a rising demand amongst employees for smarter office spaces that can empower them to work more productively. 

Posted on: 18-Jan-2018@22:35:20, updated on: 18-Jan-2018@22:35:20.


UK Apprenticeship Levy

Brathay Apprenticeship Levy 01More than half of the 1,000-plus employers currently paying the apprenticeship levy want it replaced with a more flexible ‘training’ version, according to a CIPD report, Assessing the early impact of the apprenticeship levy". 

The report found that 17% of employers that paid the apprenticeship levy surveyed supported the existing system, while more than 53% would instead prefer a training levy.

The UK government introduced the apprenticeship levy in April 2017 to boost low productivity in the UK, with a target of three million apprenticeship starts in the public and private sectors by 2020. Organisations with a salary bill of more than £3m must pay an 0.5 per cent tax on their payroll, which is converted into training vouchers supplied by the government to spend on ‘high quality’ apprenticeships.

The survey also revealed that four in 10 of levy-paying employers said the levy would make little or no difference to the amount of training they offered. 

A fifth of levy-paying firms, including a third of those that are SMEs, said they would write off the levy as a tax, rather than use it to develop apprenticeships, the CIPD found. Nearly a quarter of employers surveyed were unaware of whether they were liable to pay the levy, while one in eight had yet to calculate its cost.

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47% of UK employees are considering a job change

Related imageResearch by Investors in People has found that work flexibility, career progression, pay and poor management practices are the main reasons why companies will lose talent in 2018.

This year's findings highlight an improvement in satisfaction across the UK job market, evidencing a fall of 12% on last year’s figure, where 59% of respondents stated the intention to seek a new job.

The survey found that 49% of workers cited poor management as the main reason they are considering looking for a new job in 2018.

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UK Productivity grows

Related imageAccording to statistics issued by the Office for National Statistics the amount produced by a UK worker in an hour increased at the fastest rate in six years during the third quarter of 2017.

The increase was 0.9% over the previous quarter and was the largest increase since 2011 and was mainly due to the number of hours worked falling rather than growth in output. 

The statistics also indicated that growth in UK workers’ productivity over the past decade was the least since the 1820s. 

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