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Prominent People

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Charles Eugene Bedaux 1887 - 1943 W

Pioneer of work measurement.

Russell Mackenzie Currie 1902 - 1967

British pioneer and promoter of Work Study and first president of the Institute of Work Study (now IMS).

Henri Fayol 1841-1925 W

Engineer and early writer and theorist on management and business administration.

Henry Ford 1863 - 1947 W

Industrialist and developer of mass-production and assembly line manufacturing

Henry Gantt 1861 - 1919 W

Pioneer of methodical project management techniques

Frank Gilbreth 1868 - 1924 W

Method Study pioneer; father of Motion Study

Frederick Herzberg 1923 - 2000 W

Psychologist, motivation theorist and originator of the Dual structure theory (Hygiene factors & Motivator factors).

Lillian Gilbreth 1878 - 1972 W

Industrial psychologist. Collaborator and successor of Frank Gilbreth.

Abraham Maslow 1908 - 1970 W

Psychologist, motivation theorist and originator of the “Hierarchy of human needs”.

Douglas McGregor 1906 - 1964 W

Psychologist, motivation theorist and originator of the “Theory x and Theory y” classification of management style.

Frederick Winslow Taylor 1856 - 1915 W

Early proponent of “scientific management”. Possibly the first management consultant.

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