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People Management and Development: Human Resource Management at Work

book coverMick Marchington and Adrian Wilkinson
The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development £28.99
ISBN: 0852929269



This is the leading textbook for students taking the CIPD professional qualification and has been fully revised and rewritten to take account of the new academic standards that are being taught as from September 2002. The title has been changed from Core Personnel and Development to People Management and Development to reflect the change in the standards.

All students of people management and development need to appreciate the legal, institutional, national and international contexts within which organisations operate today. They also need a sound understanding of employee development, relations, resourcing and reward and of how these specialisms are integrated into wider corporate strategies.

The authors suggest that people management and development specialists can no longer act as administrative agents of work and must play a much more direct role in the running of the organisation.

This book does an excellent job of both explaining the core issues and showing the importance of integration - of embedding personnel issues into the core fabric of the business. It does this with clear text and a series of useful case studies to illustrate the key points, together with chapter summaries and exercises.